HIT-AIR- 50cc Cartridges 6pcs


132,00  (110,00  H.t.)

Manufacturer: Hit AIR

Lot of 6 CO² cartridges with a capacity of 50cc
Compatible with a HIT AIR brand airbag vest requiring a 50cc cartridge: Model Complete Kid 50, Complete Small 50 and MC/ONE 50cc

In stock, Date de livraison estimée (Fr) : 27/09/2023

Please check the correct cartridge capacity for your vest before ordering

(See in the pocket of your vest, capacity label)

The cartridges offered here are manufactured and certified by HIT AIR and are compatible with the brand's airbag vests.

We offer the following sliding scale of charges:

  • 1 cartridge : 25€ each
  • From 3 cartridges: 22€ per unit
  • From 12 cartridges: 20€ per unit

Bundles of cartridges are offered directly in our store for your convenience.

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CO2 cartridge


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