ALLSHOT – airbag Kid 17Kg


allshot airbag riding vest

Kid 17Kg – Airbag vest for children for riding

Manufacturer: Allshot (Product made entirely in France)

! Awarded 2nd place at the Innovation Trophies of the Cheval Passion show in Avignon in January 2023!

NEW ! An airbag vest designed and manufactured in France, at the cutting edge of the latest standards: Quick release in 120 milliseconds, stretch vest close to the body. Equipped with a D3O back for double protection of the spine, KID 17Kg is available in two sizes.
CERTIFIED to the new European safety standards for horse riding: AFNOR: PR NF S72-800-2022.

Vest for children whose minimum weight must be 17Kg (No maximum weight)
For an optimal release, the minimum size of the pony must be 0.80m
Size 1 : from 1m10 to 1m25
Size 2 : from 1m25 to 1m50

Size: Take your usual jacket size. Or refer to the size chart.

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ALLSHOT – Size chart : How to choose your size ?


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allshot riding airbag vest KID 17Kg, riding airbag vest

Buying a product designed and manufactured in France like ALLSHOT, is buying quality and know-how. You contribute to the dynamism of our country's economy. Consuming French means less CO2 emissions and therefore more ecological.

Discover our new airbag range ALLSHOT airbag solution labelled ASKARA Made in FranceALLSHOT is a French manufacturer specialized for several years in protective equipment for riders and motorcyclists. Today, discover its latest airbag model for young riders: KID 17Kg. The KID 17Kg airbag vest is the smallest airbag vest for children on the market, since it can be worn from 17Kg. It is a vest designed and manufactured in France. Each airbag vest is sold ready to use and equipped with: - A strap with integrated cord; - A CO2 cartridge integrated into the vest; - Tools for reassembling the cartridge; - A user's guide; - An additional CO2 cartridge. - A 5-year manufacturer's warranty.



Airbag vest with wire release for children whose minimum weight must be 17kg. A very complete protection of the bust, from the cervicals to the sacrum. Safety comes first with this vest! Trigger speed : 120ms. To guarantee an optimal release, the minimum height of the pony must be 0.80m.

Protection zone

Cervical vertebrae / Spine / Pelvis / Thorax / Vital organs.


The KID 17Kg airbag vest meets the new European safety standards for horse riding: AFNOR: PR NF S72-800-2022. This new standard provides the rider with increased protection by regulating the protective surface and the release speed following severe impact tests. KID 17Kg is equipped with a D3O liner (in addition to the airbag) and a zip closure to reduce the risk of contact with a hoof when the rider is thrown to the ground.


It is available in black.


KID 17Kg is worn close to the body and is available in 2 unisex sizes (Size 1 and Size 2). (See Size Guide) When choosing a size, choose your jacket size. Its stretch design allows it to fit all body types, because even close to the body, the vest expands when the airbag is triggered, so as not to overcompress the chest.


KID 17Kg is used with Allshot cartridges with a capacity of 30cc, valid for 10 years.


Textile made of Cordura®, Stretch: breathable, light and resistant. Dorsal in D3O.


The warranty of the KID 17Kg airbag vest is 5 years: it concerns the membrane and airbag firing pin. The textile area is not covered by warranty but can be subject to repair after submission of an estimate.

Additional information

Weight 1,150 kg




Type de produit

Child Airbag Vest


Size 1, Size 2

BELAIR - Change the cartridge